Frequently Asked Questions

University Dining Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • A. Checking the balance of your Meal Plan (and Dining Dollars account) is easy! First, visit log into the web portal. On the next screen, log in with your NetID and password, just as you would your student e-mail address. Once you’ve logged in, the system will display your Meal Plan, how many entries you’ve used, and how many you have remaining. The system will also provide a detailed overview of your Dining Dollars transactions and balance.

  • First-year student housing on campus includes University Village, KSU Place I and University Village Suites at the Kennesaw Campus, and Hornet Village and Howell Hall at the Marietta Campus. Upper class student housing includes Austin Residence Complex (ARC), KSU Place I and II at the Kennesaw Campus and Hornet Village, University Courtyard, University Commons and University Columns at the Marietta Campus.
  • A. If you live on campus, you are automatically assessed a default Meal Plan based on your earned credit hours. Residents with fewer than 60 earned credit hours will be assessed a Meal Plan for $1,875 per semester, excluding summer. Residents with 60 or more earned credit hours will receive a Meal Plan for $495 per semester, excluding summer. To learn more about your options, click on "Meal Plans," then "Residential Student Meal Plans" in the left navigation bar.
  • A. Yes! Meal Plans allow access to both The Commons (Kennesaw Campus) and Stingers (Marietta Campus) dining halls. Dining Dollars can be used at any restaurant on either campus.
  • A. First, as stated by the Student Government Association (SGA) in their Meal Plan recommendations, the addition of a Meal Plan and dining hall at KSU will enhance the quality of campus life and increase student involvement on campus. Second, based on funding restrictions, the State of Georgia does not provide funding for auxiliary enterprises, which includes the construction of The Commons and Stingers. The combination of these factors led the Cabinet to approve the existing Meal Plan requirements, which became effective in Fall 2009.
  • A. If you are a campus resident, your Meal Plan charge will automatically be added to your student fees, which you can view on your Owl Express account. If you live off campus, purchasing a Meal Plan is easy. Just visit and select the number of entries you want for the semester (Access Plan) and a Dining Dollars amount. When you check out, your Meal Plan charges will be added to your student account by selecting "Bursar Tender" as your payment option. Please note that it will take 24 to 48 hours for a Meal Plan charge to appear on your student account, but your Meal Plan is activated immediately upon purchase if the semester is in session.
  • A. If you want to add more entries or Dining Dollars, it is easy to do. Go to and select the number of entries you want to add (Access Plan) and a Dining Dollars amount. When you check out, select "Bursar Tender" as your payment option to add your Meal Plan charges to your student account. Keep in mind, this will not take the place of your current plan, but add on to what you currently have.
  • A. Meal Plan exemption requests are accepted on the basis of medical circumstances only. The Meal Plan Exemption form can be found on the Meal Plan Documents page. Please note that applying for an exemption is not a guarantee of approval.
  • A. Certain types of financial aid may be applied to board expenses (this is how Meal Plans are classified). Students are urged to be proactive in working with the Office of Student Financial Aid to secure aid that can be used for board expenses. Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship does not cover Meal Plan expenses.
  • A. We are able to accommodate a variety of food-related allergies and preferences. We do realize, however, that there are some students with severe medical restrictions that we may not be able to accommodate. You can find our cancellation request form on the Documents page under the Meal Plan tab on our website.
  • A. Dining Dollars is a declining balance account that is loaded onto your Talon Card. Dining Dollars can only be used to purchase food and beverages on campus and can be used to receive a discounted door rate at The Commons or Stingers.
  • A. Dining Dollars are available only to currently enrolled students. All University Dining facilities do accept KCash and credit cards.
  • A. University Dining welcomes campus guests and we want to ensure that all of our diners have an exceptional dining experience in all of our campus eateries. If you have an Access Plan, you can use your entries for your guests. Alternatively, if you currently have Dining Dollars on your account, you can pay $8.50 Dining Dollars for breakfast or $10.25 Dining Dollars for lunch/dinner for each guest meal.

    Kennesaw State students that would like to bring guests into the dining halls must present their Talon Card (KSU ID) at the time of the transaction. All guests will also be asked to show identification. Keep in mind that our cashiers are trained to check the picture on Talon Cards, so make sure you are present with your guests when entering into the dining facility or your card may be taken for security purposes.

  • A. Meal Plans are valid for only the semester for which they are purchased and any unused entries will be forfeited at the close of the semester. Unused Dining Dollars will carry forward from fall to spring semester only, and any unused Dining Dollars will expire on the last day of spring finals. Summer entries and Dining Dollars are valid during the summer semester only.
  • A. KSU faculty and staff can visit the Meal Plan Office, inside The Commons on the Kennesaw Campus or Stingers on the Marietta Campus, to enroll in a Meal Plan. You can pay with a credit card or KCASh, or choose to have your Meal Plan manually deducted from your paycheck to have the cost spread evenly over the remaining pay periods left in the semester. Faculty and Staff plans and Department plans are only valid for the semester they are purchased in.
  • A. Select the plan (or combination of plans) that works best for you and you can check out by paying with "Bursar Tender," which adds the charges to your student account within 24 to 48 hours. You may also pay with a debit/credit card or KCash in one of the Meal Plan Offices. If you need assistance, please visit the Meal Plan Office, inside The Commons on the Kennesaw Campus or Stingers on the Marietta Campus and we will help you sign up for a Meal Plan.
  • A. Meal Plan charges for both residents and commuters are used to support our award-winning dining facilities. University Dining supports local businesses and food providers, national retail brands and over 500 staff members to assure our residents and commuters can focus on class, and not where they will get their next meal. Meal Plan charges help maintain our facilities and purchase needed equipment to run our operations. See the pie chart below: