Summer Meal Plans

Grilled chicken with a lemon wedge, spinach and saffron rice.

Purchase Your Meal Plan

Summer 2021 Meal Plans are based on 8-week semester starting Wednesday, June 2. Students must be enrolled in at least one class to be eligible to purchase a Summer 2021 Meal Plan. Please note when making your selection that dining service at the Marietta Campus is available for seven weeks and ends on Friday, July 23. Your Meal Plan is good at either campus, and service is available through Friday, July 30 in Kennesaw.

Access Plans

Access Plans have entries that can be used at both of our award-winning dining halls, The Commons (Kennesaw) and Stingers (Marietta). You may use your entries into the dining halls throughout the semester. Entries do not roll over to the next semester. The more entries you purchase, the greater your cost savings!

  • Plan
    Cost Per Entry
  • Access 10
    10 (average of 1 – 2 meals per week)
  • Access 20
    20 (average of 2 – 3 meals per week)
  • Access 40
    40 (average of 5 meals per week)
  • Access 80
    80 (average of 10 meals per week)
  • Access 100
    100 (average of 12 – 13 meals per week)

Dining Dollars Plans

Dining Dollars is a declining balance account that is loaded to your Talon Card and can be used to make sales tax–free food and beverage purchases on campus. You can save money by using Dining Dollars at any of our restaurants, The Market and many vending machines on campus. Students can also use Dining Dollars to receive a discounted door rate at The Commons or Stingers.

  • Dining Dollars Cost
    Bonus Received
    Dining Dollars Received
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $200

Regular dining hall door rate/ Credit card rate – $12
Discounted Dining Dollars door rate  $11